S&P TV // Travel Beauty Tips for the Girl on the Go


2be6bd46a4cd60589482baaec0e9c607Image via Byrdie

Be-bopping around the country to some of my favorite cities means lots of time spent in planes, trains & automobiles, and it can also tend to present situations that make looking and feeling my best seem a little tricky. (Because we KNOW the two go hand in hand, right?)In today's feature on S&P TV, I'm sharing 5 of my top travel beauty tips for the girl on the go, and it has GOT to be one of my favorite episodes that we've done so far. ;)Take a peek to see what I keep inside my "World's Tiniest Styling Kit" and how everyday things like peppermint candies & hand-sanitizer can become your best friends the next time you find yourself in a beauty-related pinch!

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Ps. - If you can relate to that always-on-the-move mentality... I'd love to have you read about why I believe that embracing your free spirit can be one of the best ways to honor where you originally began.P.Ps. - My obsession with bronze-y metallic eyeshadow continues (especially with that photo above!)... I've been using this little pot of gold almost everyday since we've been in California, and for some reason I just rarely feel like reaching for anything else!