Nutrish & Delish // 10 Ways to Cook Broccoli

Healthy Cooking_ChickpeasMy cooking and eating preferences involve a LOT of green, and as weird as it may sound - broccoli is indeed one of my all-time favorite foods!It has a powerful combo of Vitamin C and fiber that our bodies turns into a cancer fighting weapon called sulforaphane, and can be a great way to add a bit of plant-based protein to your diet without any starch or fat.Today's Nutrish & Delish features 10 great ways to cook broccoli from the always delightful 101 Cookbooks, and if you're skeptical about this cruciferous plant being as tasty as I claim, please start with the jaw-dropppngly good Broccoli-Basil Mac & Cheese... I promise you won't be disappointed. ;)

  1. Orzo, Broccoli & Almond Super-salad
  2. Miso Asparagus, Broccoli & Tofu Bowl
  3. Braised Broccoli with Orange & Parmesan
  4. Double Broccoli Quinoa Bowl
  5. Bright Broccoli Crunch Salad
  6. Heirloom Beans & Roasted Broccoli Seitan
  7. Broccoli-Basil Mac & Cheese
  8. Ginger Poached Noodles with Broccoli & Tofu
  9. The Greenest Salad
  10. Ginger Coconut Milk & Broccoli Soup

Let me know your favorite broccoli centric dishes in the comments, and Happy Cooking!