Life // Last Week in Long Beach


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Has it really already been almost six weeks?Mr. Pepper and I have been daydreaming about this adventure since last year, and though the time has gone by quickly - it's thankfully been less of a blur and more of a kayak-cutting-through-the-early-morning-ocean glide.I'm trying to make sure I relish our last bit of time here in Long Beach, so we're taking a little breather from posting this week - That ok with you?Over the next few days, I'll be spending the extra time on some exciting new Pepperologie projects (be sure you're signed up for updates here), and enjoying every last moment by the beach:

I hope you are having a beautifully blessed start to Spring, and I'll see you back here with new outfits and fun features very soon!XOXO - Jessie PepperPs. - Are you signed up to get the little love notes I send out each week?  I'd love to have you on that special list, and will look forward to getting to know each other better with every letter.P.Ps. - A few have asked if I'll be sharing more about our trip here on the blog, but that's what instagram is for!  Follow along over there to see some of the best bits of our trip, and you'll always have a sneak peek at what's keeping me smiling. ;) MWAH!