Color Crush // Dusty Blue Hue

[show_ms_widget id="47333" image_id="72977" width="500" height="700"]girl and bike // lamps // landscape // palm trees // denim // graphic designI know some parts of the country are still staring out the window at snowflakes today, but can we all just agree that the official arrival of Spring will be a welcome sight this year?Pale blue skies, perfectly faded denim & the first signs of bare skin were the inspirations for today's Color Crush, and I hope you'll find that the lovelies here today will let your imagination transport you to someplace warm.

Speaking of beautiful pastel blues: How about Lupita winning an Oscar in Prada last night?!  My favorite head-to-toe looks were Anna Kendrick & Jennifer Garner... Did you see any stand-out style surprises that you weren't expecting?

Ps. - Apparently, this baby blue hue really speaks to me around this time every year.P.Ps. - I can't stop obsessing over bicycle style... Tomorrow's outfit post will show you what I mean, but this collection of fashion on wheels will have to do until then.