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working from anywhereGood Morning, Kittens!  We made it to California, and life is just seeming brighter by the second.This weekend has been full of exploring our new neighborhood, and since G has the day off today, we're planning to squeeze in a bit more fun (and hopefully some froyo) before getting back to work and a more normal routine tomorrow morning. One of the things that has taken some extra planning for our time away is making sure that the blog and my client work at S&P stays running as close to normal as possible.Our official team includes both Mr. Pepper and my right-hand-gal, Sara - So finding a way for the three of us to continue our projects and keep in close touch while we're in California is definitely going to be an interesting challenge.We already use several different modes of technology to smooth out our communication and make our day-to-day tasks easier, and when Microsoft asked us to try their new product called OneNote - the three of us jumped at the chance to give it a go!onenote02So far, OneNote has been extremely handy in coordinating S&P posts, cataloguing projects and brainstorming for upcoming videos and special features.  The program is web-based, so once you set up an account and get going, you can access all of your 'notes' and info from any computer with an internet connection.  There is also a corresponding [free!] mobile app and users also have the ability to upload actual documents or photos to the SkyDrive instead of constantly be having to email things back and forth to each other.Two of the main ways we use OneNote as a handy tool:

  • I love that you can create temporary edit-notes on a document by using the pen tool and drawing messages right in the margins.  This could come in handy for any type of blog post prep but we use it to pull together the graphics and images, and it eliminates the need to be constantly messaging back and forth all day.
  • The easily accessible documents (which for us, can include everything from tables, checklists & proposals) are set-up so that we're not only able to view the content, but that depending on the share and edit settings, can be modified by anyone approved by the original creator of the 'notes'.

I'm really looking forward to finding more ways to embrace such a useful and innovative program, and am feeling great about using it as our team tool to stay on top of all of the exciting things that we have coming up in the next few weeks.Be sure to hop right over to see more of my top technology tips if you're interested, and for an extra-fun sneak peek at how I get sh*t done, check out this fun post I did with Meg a few months ago!---This post was kindly brought to you in partnership with Refinery29 & Microsoft OneNote.All words and opinions are 100% my own, and thank you so much for supporting the businesses that help keep this site running!