Life // Off We Go & Away From the Snow!


SimoneAnne-8351 (1)Heading out the door for our West Coast 'Workcation" in mere minutes, and it seems like we can't get to the opposite side of the country soon enough!Already missing our neighborhood and friends and favorite spots here in Hoboken & NYC, but ready for a little break and a fresh start before returning in April.Not sure what the next few days will hold for posting here, but there are a handful of other ways you can follow along with my adventures in the meantime:

  • Instagram // My own little photo diary where I share snippets of real-life and daydreams and all of the delicious goodness in between.
  • Pepper Letters // Are you already on the list to receive my little love notes?  I adore sharing a very personal glimpse of my heart in that way, and would love to "see" you there each week.
  • Pinterest // I know you're already as obsessed as I am, so let's uncover inspiration together and send me those pins that are too good for me to miss!

Otherwise, I'll be back to posting next week with an update on our new digs, and I'm sending you huge Happy Weekend hugs your way today!XOXO - Jessie Pepper