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Mr. Pepper and I have never celebrated Valentine's Day in a very traditional way... Our first one together as a couple consistented of a simple home-cooked meal (in his on-campus apartment's tiny kitchen) while we watched his favorite college basketball team kick some bootie on TV.   Ever since then, we've preferred things like hosting themed dinner parties for friends and quiet nights at home so that we can sprinkle in the more involved romantic gestures all through the year.I LOVE giving presents, and DO like the idea of surprising him with a little special something on Feb 14th, but since that's the day that we'll be leaving for CA, am thinking that this imaginary gift list will have to suffice this year.  (I have a feeling that he'll be ok with The Beach as a consolation prize.)  ;)

These are just a few of the goodies that I know he'd love if we WERE exchanging gifts for Valentine's Day, and perhaps you'll get an idea or two for what to get your own special boo!

1. // Vintage brass and black desk clock2. // Cinnamon gum (for those spicy-sweet kisses!)3. // Quirky sweatshirt featuring the cover of one of his fave books4. // Probiotic hot-sauce made in Brooklyn5. // Dapper dot dress socks for peeking out from beneath his slacks6. // Mini-book of memories that come straight from your Instagram feed7. // Suede weekender duffel from Everlane8. // Glitzy gold cocktail shaker for when he makes your favorite fancy drinkP.S. - If you are a dude and happen to be reading today, I'll be sharing a list for the ladies next week!