Color Crush // Thinking Warm Thoughts

warm-thoughtsI may have inadvertently brought this on myself, but our briefly warmer weekend has vanished and it's now blizzarding outside my window (oops).

Because clicking around on Pinterest made my SuperBowl Sunday feel a little less draggy and a lot more inspired, I thought I'd share a couple of images that radiate warmth and are leaving me feeling quite cozy today.  (This spread also has me craving french fries and a chic leather jacket with structured shoulders... Imagine that!)

P.S. - Despite the nasty weather, I'm headed off to Rubi's apartment for a quick trim this morning... Thinking just a smidge shorter, for now - Thoughts?

P.P.S. - BRUNO MARS last night, you guys.  The dance party in our living room was epic, and I wish you could have been there. :)

bowls // bedroom // jacket // fries // living room