Life // Springtime in Southern California

26Casita-500x750Butterflies the size of beach blankets, you guys.Last week was a bit of a rollercoaster, to say the least... Lots of work to be done, plenty of prep for our Alt Summit panel in a few days, and then BAM!  We found out that a wee little dream of ours has come true, and we'll be spending six weeks of this coming Springtime on the coast in Long Beach, CA!The cold and rainy seasons here in the Northeast have been less than ideal for our tiny sunshine-loving-family, and much of the time - we miss the West Coast so much that it hurts!  (Seriously... Embarrassing amounts of crocodile tears every time we board the plane to leave.)  Instead of constantly daydreaming about life back at the beach, we decided to do something about it AND the result is going to be an extended stay in a cozy little apartment right on the sand.Some fun things that we're excited to experience in our new neighborhood (all just a few miles away!)...  The Aquarium of the Pacific // Catalina Island // The Laugh Factory // The Queen Mary // Adored Vintage // The Long Beach Antique Market // So many more!Luckily, Mr. Pepper and I can work most anywhere that we have a strong internet connection, and I'm looking forward to keeping up with a few current projects, while still consulting and prepping for some fabulous upcoming events, as well!  Not to mention:  So many special friends nearby!

I'd love to connect if you're in the area, and in the meantime - let me know if you have any can't-miss recommendations or fun ideas for our new [temporary] home away from home!

Image via Design*Sponge