Life // More in 2014!


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2013 was SO full of blessings and felt very bright against the dark contrast of the year before.  I feel tingly with gratefulness when I look back at all of the joyful moments, and am quick to welcome these happy treasures that hardly go unnoticed in our home.Last year, I wrote to you about the concept of adding more of the things that we crave (instead of setting traditional resolutions or goals), and I've been looking forward to sticking with the same idea for 2014.  Very excited about adding five new ingredients to my life this year, and would love to share them with you below!

  • Writing // The proverbial pen has always glided across the pages of my life with ease, but this year I'm making it a point to write with purpose and challenge myself to share regularly.  (See below for how you can get in on the goodness!*)  This week, I nabbed a snazzy new little MacBook air JUST for this very purpose, and I think that having the separation of devices will provide just the clarity and organization that I need. UPDATE: Man, I am SO proud of myself for sticking to this one like glue... Wrote a Pepper Letter every single week in 2014, and am excited to keep building upon my purpose right over here.
  • Impact // I never want to forget about the importance of finding ways to give of myself to others.  This year, I'm hoping to create more opportunities to mentor women in need of guidance, and will make it a priority to encourage family members and friends as much as I can.
  • Training // I haven't told you this yet, but I'm going to be competing in a triathlon this coming Spring!  The process of getting ready for the race is going to be a huge commitment, but it's one that I'm SO excited (and a little nervous) about.  I already love living an active lifestyle, but I know that taking this on as a new challenge will keep me pushing my limits and give me something to work towards during the colder months of hibernation.
  • Kissing // COVER YOUR EYES, DAD... One of my top love languages is physical affection, and if I'm being honest, I've let a lot of things get in the way of a good old-fashioned make-out session with my sweet husband.  I've decided that there needs to be more smooching in our marriage, and I'm taking it upon myself to make it happen (and applying my favorite lip balm generously).  ;)  
  • Adventure // Ashamed to admit that Mr. Pepper and I have only gone on TWO true vacations (with just the two of us, and not counting visits to family or staying with friends) since getting married six and a half years ago.  Seems a little ridiculous, no?  We have been hoarding our airline miles like crazy, and I've been scouring the travel-deal sites just waiting for the perfect trip to pounce on.  Can you think of any fabulous getaways you'd recommend?

Feel free to take a look back at my update on 2013's ingredients (complete with a rundown of how I did on each one), and I would LOVE to have you share your own goals, resolutions & dreams here with me in the comments!*P.S. - I've been alluding to a fun Pepperologie announcement on social media for the past few weeks, and if you'd like to hear about some of the new goodies I've got up my sleeve for 2014, sign-up for the newsletter now and the update will be sent out in just a few hours!