Get Fit | 5 Tips That Get Me to the Gym

IMG_9509Would you believe these are active wear leggings? I KNOW!

Getting your cute little butt to the gym is something that is WAY more likely to happen if you can make it one of the easiest parts of your day.I have a handful of little tricks that help me slip right out the door before I'm able to procrastinate with a clever work excuse OR get distracted by the fluffy puppy who begs me to snuggle with her on the couch.IMG_9454Click through to read about the five things that keep me moving in the morning, and share your own in the comments below!IMG_9472Jessie's Get-to-the-gym Tricks!

  1. Keep your gear in sight // My two current pairs of sneakers (always Nike, always on rotation) are neatly tucked under the table right inside my bedroom door, and that makes grabbing them on my way out a cinch.  I also keep a drawer nearby that is fully stocked with a few other gym essentials including these cute headbands, a combination lock, leg warmers (I KNOW), my heart rate monitor & favorite earbuds.
  2. Sleep in your sports bra // I know of a lot of people who sleep in their entire workout get-up, but that sounds just plain uncomfortable to me.  These adjustable sports bras are one of my favorite gym staples, and if I wake up in one, it makes it feel like I'm already halfway ready to head out the door.  (Plus, they look great under regular clothes and they're under $10 a piece!)
  3. Bring entertainment // Whether it's your heart-pumping playlist or a thought-provoking podcast... Put those headphones on and let your gym time become your "me-time."  Certain machines make it easy to read on a tablet device, and even the elliptical can feel like an indulgence when you're pouring through the Hunger Games trilogy for the first time.
  4. Schedule your sessions // One of the things I love about group classes is that they fall regularly on a certain date and time, and go on my calendar just like a doctor's appointment or work meeting.  This is also a great way to make friends with the other regulars, which is a major perk when you work from home like I do. :)  Another great part of this can be grouping your workout in with your other errands, and by tossing a cute comfy tunic over your leggings and adding some tall boots and accessories, you're ready to go straight from the locker room to lunch!
  5. Find an activity you love // In a single week, you can find me doing everything from pilates to swimming laps to jump rope intervals to indoor cycling to running, and not only is cross training good for your body AND your brain, but it just plain keeps me from getting bored.  My suggestion would be to keep sampling different things until you find something that feels challenging and fun, and then develop a routine that you can customize by switching things up from there.

IMG_9462Top to Bottom // Old Navy tank, pullover hoodie sweatshirt* (the comfiest!) & my trusty compression leggings* again, Ballet flats are old (but these are gorgeous!) // * notes a gifted itemIMG_9473Top to Bottom // G's beanie, J. Crew scarf, Tinley Road coat, Oscar de la Renta belt, Old Navy tunic dress & active wear leggings, Vince Camuto boots (via TJ Maxx), Figue tote* // * notes a gifted itemIMG_9432

Not much of a gym goer at all?  Try my park bench workout, check out my running essentials, and share your favorite go-to sweat session in the comments!


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