Concrete Catwalk // Weekend Windowpane


windowpane pants 04Today, I'd like to introduce you to the slouchiest, most comfortable pants that I've ever worn in public...Pants, please get to know my friends here at S&P because I have a feeling you could be seeing a lot more of each other very soon.XOXO - Jessie PepperP.S. - Remember the last time I danced around in a jacket just like this one?P.P.S. - The latest Pepper Letter floating into in-boxes this week... Want to join us at the table?  Sign up here, and I'll hug you through the screen.windowpane01Top to Bottom // Vintage glasses, Old Navy infinity scarf, Sorrelli waterfall necklace*, District t-shirt*, Zara military jacket with leather sleeves, ASOS windowpane trousers, Marc Fisher smoking flats*, kate spade Cedar Street Maise satchel* // * notes a gifted itemMore after the jump!windowpane pants 03windowpane pants 07windowpane pants 11windowpane pants 08windowpane pants 06windowpane pants 10windowpane pants 09windowpane05