Concrete Catwalk // Snow Big Deal

IMG_9340Actually, it kind of IS a big deal.This cold weather is no joke, but I've been trying to keep my looks light-hearted, and have enjoyed entertaining nearly everyone else in the city who seem to be wearing nothing but head-to-toe black.Benefits of an almost-all-white ensemble?  There are many... One of which is having your friendly [ahem] neighborhood crossing guard pretend she couldn't see you because you blended in with the snowy sidewalks and then proceeding to tell the kids on the corner that you were the Abominable Snowman's girlfriend.  (Does that mean I get to be the [adorably] Abominable Snowgirl?)See the rest of the look after the jump, and be sure to check out my latest Pepper Letter to find out what makes my heart race and for a sneak peek of the newest venture I'll be announcing here on the blog very soon!IMG_9319Top to Bottom // Vintage hat (from Etsy), Spiegel wrap dress*, Black Swan fluffy coat*, Vintage embroidered gloves (were my Meema's!), Anthropologie tights, Layla Joy boots* // * notes a gifted itemIMG_9336IMG_9322IMG_9331IMG_9371IMG_9379IMG_9361IMG_9397IMG_9354