S+P TV | Clever Hostess Gifts


Remember this tabletop DIY? Get the how-to right here.

SO many fun parties and events at this time of year... I love a good festivity and am excited to have a few celebrations on our upcoming calendar.  We're going to a German Christmas celebration later today, and the menu is full of authentic dishes - including something called fire punch!

As much as we rely on bringing a bottle of wine or bundle of flowers to our kind hosts when we come for a visit, I also appreciate the opportunity to surprise and delight with something just a bit more unexpected, you know?Check out this week's episode of S&P TV for a collection of some clever hostess gifts that will make sure you get invited back again and again. :)Many of the goodies featured here are from Smeeks in Phoenix, but check out my round-up below for more shopping options!Shop the Video //  Potted herb plants, Vintage trivet, Pineapple or other fresh fruitQuirky corkscrew, Candy playing cards, Printed paper straws, Pink Himalayan salt, Dark chocolate (fair trade & organic, please!)And a few extra ideas...

P.S. - I've got a whole Pinterest board devoted to this very topic, so feel free to follow along there as well!