Let's Party | Holiday Brunch

StyleandPepper.ChristmasBrunch 53Love my lil' tree! Christine always brings the best treats.(Don't forget to check out these other fun hostess gift ideas!)

If there's one thing I've learned since moving to the Northeast, it's that winter weekends here are perfect for just about one thing...Staying inside.Since brunch is always much better with girlfriends, I was delighted when my friend Abbey (a brilliant cook AND my pilates instructor extraordinaire) offered to help me host a festive little get-together to celebrate the holidays with a few of my favorite sweetie-pies.Here are a few snaps from the day - all taken by another dear friend, Kat Harris - and I'm happy to give you a little glimpse at one of my favorite memories from the season, so far.

StyleandPepper.ChristmasBrunch 40L to R: Amy, Taylor, Me, Jen, Abbey & Christine

StyleandPepper.ChristmasBrunch 6Dinosaur Kale Salad with Roasted Butternut Squash, Marcona Almonds & Ricotta Salata - YUM!

Check out the rest of the photos and details are after the jump (plus lots more on the S&P facebook page!), and I'll see you back here later today with another Peppery Presents gift guide.

StyleandPepper.ChristmasBrunch 9I set the table with a mish-mash of black & white plates, Abbey's antique gold flatware (I've got my eye on this set), and a clever little set of salt + pepper shakers amidst evergreen garland and a gilded runner.StyleandPepper.ChristmasBrunch 22StyleandPepper.ChristmasBrunch 17

StyleandPepper.ChristmasBrunch 20There's the little Charlie Brown tree we found the day we went on this adventure

The entire spread was gluten-free, vegetarian and packed full of nutritious, seasonal options from Kings Food Market here in Hoboken.  From left to right on the buffet: Kale Salad, Mini Goat Cheese & Veggie Fritattas, Rosemary Purple Sweet Potato Homefries, and Quinoa Pilaf with Nuts & Dried Fruit.  Abbey will be sharing the recipes for both the fritattas and the quinoa on her blog soon, so be sure to check those out!StyleandPepper.ChristmasBrunch 18Halfway through brunch, I made everyone draw numbers and we played the white elephant game with fun little odds and ends that I've been hanging on to for just the right special occasion.  (Mr. Pepper made himself scarce that day, but did such a great job of wrapping all of the presents for us!)

StyleandPepper.ChristmasBrunch 1Lots of laughs.  I love these girls.

StyleandPepper.ChristmasBrunch 38Before every one left, I drew for the final doorprize -- These tiny bottles of bubbly and a pair of silver ornaments, nestled inside a top hat ice bucket from Kate Spade... Amy was the happy winner, and I'm sort of hoping that she went home, poured herself a hot bath, and put those little suckers to good use.  ;)StyleandPepper.ChristmasBrunch 52We topped everything off with a lovely fruit and cheese spread for dessert, and ended up chatting on into the snowy evening and well-past dark...

I'd say it was a successful Sunday afternoon, indeed. :)

Thanks so much to Abbey Bell Catering & Kings Food Market for making this special treat possible!