Gift Guide | The Baby Brother

GG_BrotherGifts for the baby brother who uses cheese as the main ingredient of every dish he makes, texts you encouragement in the wee hours because he knows you can't sleep, and will never say no to the challenge of a good late-night board game (even though you always kick his butt). 1. // How to Be A Man2. // Duke Cannon Big Ass Brick of Soap3. // Vintage yankees hat4. // Wireless faux bois keyboard5. // Canvas camo shirt6. // Mac & Cheese cookbook7. // Backgammon setP.S. – Looking for more Peppery Presents? Take a peek at these gifts for your favorite foodie, the magpie mama, your dear old dad, and then take a peek at my video on S&P TV to get ideas on how to delight your holiday host!