Spicy Sale | Perfect Piping

PipedPieces-1Say THAT five times fast, will ya?The head-to-toe black and white combo has never really been my thing, but when I first saw that Joy Cioci dropped waist mini dress... (OMG wait until you see the BACK!), I began to investigate the possibility of adding interest to an outfit through adding a piece with piped edges.I dug up this old post to show you that I've tried it before, and really like the delicate look that happens when you emphasize the right edges of a garment or accessory.  As I started shopping around and noticed that there are so many great sales going on, I figured creating a little mini-round up might make sense!The peplum shell and silky keyhole tee here both share a similar look, but could be worn in SO many different ways, and the ladylike satchel shown above (which is the ivory counterpart to my oilve version), is now half off AND has an adorable little sister if you're looking for something a bit smaller.  ;)Whaddya think - Are we 'pro-piping' around these parts?

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