S&P TV // 32 Clever Ways to Wear Your Sweaters


lots of ways to wear sweaters pinterest 2You guys, I need to be totally honest with you about something...

I am DREADING another winter in the Northeast.

This will be our 7th year bundling up to make it through the season in a cold climate, and even the mere thought of how I know I'll be feeling in mid-February is making me chilly.  (Especially because I'm writing to you with bare arms from our sunny balcony at the beach in San Diego!)I feel SO grateful to be able to escape the cold whenever we can, but sometimes the Winters on the East Coast just really weigh at me, you know?Yes, I love the change of seasons and the holidays in NYC are magical, but it seems like the older I get, the quicker my tolerance drops with the temperature.  When you toss in the unavoidable chapped skin, endless static cling, and wearing what feels like the same thing over and over again, you may as well just go ahead and add a photo of me next to the entry of Seasonal Affective Disorder in the dictionary.Eliminating wardrobe boredom is one of the only things about the situation that I can actually control - and since sweaters will likely be my main course for the next few months - I've decided to make the latest episode on S&P TV all about clever ways to style those puppies up without getting TOO sick of the winter staple.

Watch the episode here to grab a bit of inspiration from all 32 looks (categorized by fit & style), and shop from some of my favorite cozy options below!

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