Pepper PIcks | 6 Cute Coats Under $100


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I finally got around to switching out my seasonal wardrobe this past weekend, and even though I completely dread the cold weather, I DO love a chance to finally start busting out my coat collection.After living in a cold climate for the past 6 years, I've gotten used to bundling up, but always try and keep things interesting by staying away from simple black jackets.  YES, of course - they have a place in most closets (love this ladylike option!), but beyond making sure you have one classic shape I always recommend taking a chance by working in something with a bit more personality.This year, I have a few pieces that need to be retired, so they'll either end up at Crossroads or in my Poshmark closet, and I'll start the search for at least one (or a few) new toppers to add to my wardrobe.

The selection of six coats featured here is anything but boring, and an added bonus: They won't break the bank because they all come in under or around $100!

Bundled up bargains is what you're getting from me today, friends. ;)