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IMG_7610You little pepitas don't mind if we expand the Date Night series to include a daytime excursion, do you?A few weekends ago, Mr. Pepper and I headed to The Royalton Hotel in the middle of Manhattan for another adventure put together by HowAboutWe for Couples, and we were both very excited to try something new that relates to a shared interest of ours... Cocktails! ;)IMG_7658You may already know this about me, but I'm a tequila girl through and through... Despite my devotion to this particular drink, I've also enjoyed trying different types of gin recently, and it's my other go-to when I'm looking to switch things up a bit.  We had really been looking forward to actually learning more about the background behind something that is so fun to enjoy, and I can honestly say that this fun little "day date" now easily ranks among one of our favorite Saturday afternoons we've had since moving to the NYC area.

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*Applies to new members only, Expires 12/31/2013.royalton-hotelWhen we first arrived at The Royalton, I was immediately blown away by the decor and atmosphere... Most midtown hotels seem a little dated or stuffy to me, but this one is modern and so so chic.IMG_7646They had freshly mixed pumpkin margaritas waiting for us right when we walked up, and although I was a bit wary about the strange-sounding combo at first, I changed my mind once I heard about how much love, effort and deliciousness goes into their homemade flavoring.The pumpkin is actually emulsified with cinnamon, nutmeg and agave nectar the day before, and then it sits overnight to prevent the mixture from separating into two parts once it gets made into an actual drink.  (You know what I mean, don't you?  Always hate when that happens!)IMG_7660We loved learning about both the story and science behind everything we were trying, and after watching some fancy tricks involving flame-toasted rosemary sprigs that were the perfect flavoring for our London Dry gin, Mr. Pepper even got to try it himself!IMG_7655I was dying over the deliciousness of that smell!!!  We will totally be trying this at home, and you can keep your fingers crossed that the apartment stays intact without any need for a fire extinguisher. ;)IMG_7682One of the coolest parts about the workshop was that we made friends with some of the other couples who came, and the two bartenders-extraordinaire (who were AMAZING, by the way) hung around afterwards and showed us a few more fancy tricks involving hickory chips, whiskey, and how to combine the two in yet another impressive presentation.IMG_7688The white stuff you see trapped under the glass above is actually the flavored smoke being infused into the liquid part of the cocktail... We were both completely mesmerized at this point, and ever since then I've been trying to decide if it would be worth justifying the purchase of a little flame torch to have at home - Ha!  Creme brulee, anyone?IMG_7671My Sweet G putting his new-found expertise to work, and ordering his thirsty wife a treat.  :)IMG_7625We’ve highly recommended this kind of date to all of our friends, and because HowAboutWe for Couples has a slew of similar options, will look forward to continuing our quest for cocktailing knowledge again soon.  (In the meantime, I've got my eye on this Brooklyn bicycle brunch tour, a pasta-making class, and this interactive dance experience at the Ace Hotel looks amazing, too!)

My hope is that reading about our experiences can inspire you to inject a little adventure into your own play time – no matter where you're located or what your dating status might be.   Check out the full range of options (and cities) on the HowAboutWe site, and in the meantime, read about our last adventure here!

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