S&P TV // Pushpin Partnership!

watch-s&p-on-pushpin-tvFun announcement to tell you about today, folks!  You may have noticed that I typically have a few different behind the scenes projects going on at any given time, and if you've seen my instagram feed in the past few weeks, then you likely have already seen & heard a bit of this buzz...I've joined forces with a brand new YouTube network called Pushpin TV, and am so excited to be a host on one of their featured channels!  We've been working together on creating lots of great new video content to share over on S&P TV, so hop on over to subscribe to my channel and that way you can make sure that you don't miss a beat.

One of my favorite parts about this new development is that it is allowing for a lot more interaction with YOU, my lovelies!  I'm taking my cues from reader questions and tweets to find out what you want to see featured next, so if there is something you'd like to see, please email or tweet me using the hashtag #askjessiepepper, and your idea could be featured in an upcoming episode.

I'm honestly over the moon to be able to connect with you in this way, and can't wait to share more great style advice for a flavorful life... Speaking of sharing - The very first video we created together will be going live this week, so stay tuned here for updates and subscribe now to be the first to know.P.S. - I'll actually be filming a few more episodes for you while I'm here in Phoenix, so feel free to follow along on twitter and instagram for a true peek behind the scenes!