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Gold_11_1024x1024Adore this print from Pepperologie sponsor, By Luciana

You ARE beautiful, and I believe that with all of my heart.One of the things that I love about that word is that it doesn't necessarily have to be referring only to the outside of a person or thing, but can sometimes be best used to describe a person as a complete whole - insides, outsides & and even the outward effect that they have on others.---Though I believe everyone has good bits about them, embracing my own beauty is something that I feel challenged by every single day.After speaking with so many others about how easy it is to fall into the trap of feeling less-than-worthy, I've come to realize that it's an ongoing journey I'd rather take alongside other women who share the desire to lift each other up as opposed to just internalizing the struggle and pushing through it alone.Studying the how's and why's of caring for your inside AND outside, are just the basis of what I'll be speaking about during the Heart & Soul session at our October 26th Pepperologie event, and I'm SO looking forward to sharing helpful ways to embrace your own inner beauty, with tools, encouragement and stories that come straight from my heart.

In case you’ve missed the past preview posts... Our event is almost here, and by now, we’ve covered everything!  Fall Fashion, Health & Fitness, Getting Gorgeous Holiday Hair, Creative Entertaining, and today - Heart & Soul.  Ticket sales officially end this Friday at midnight, and we only have a few left, so don't miss out!
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Have you ever found yourself standing in front of your closet, fridge or mirror and wondered how the heck you were supposed to feel good about (or even get by with) whatever was staring right back at you?

We can totally relate.

Join us for this 5-Course Study of Style and we’ll learn together how to be the best possible versions of ourselves.