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Pepperologie_31This week's Pepperologie preview features the October 26th session that involves one of my favorite things: Creative Entertaining!Summer Bellessa of The Girls With Glasses Show will be teaching us about different projects and ideas to infuse your upcoming holiday season with thoughtful and handmade touches, and after hearing about what she has in store for our guests - I already can't wait to get going!I don't want to give too much away, but hand-printed table linens and a DIY gift wrap supply station will likely be involved.  Don't forget to grab your ticket if you'd like to join us later this month, and for those who can't make it - Be sure to sign up here for our first-ever online livestreaming of the event!

Just a note: Tickets will be on sale until on October 18 (at 11:59pm EST) OR until they sell out - Just a little over a week left!


Our Creative Entertaining expert Summer Bellessa is a mom, former model, and a multi-media entrepreneur who loves bringing creative and talented people together to do great things.  She produces and co-hosts The Girls With Glasses show, an online webisode series about fashion, entertainment and living with heart. Summer continues to nurture creative minds as the editor of women’s fashion and lifestyle publication, ELIZA Magaizine, and can be seen in the feature film, Amber Alert.
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In case you’ve missed the past few Pepperologie preview posts: So far we’ve covered Fall Fashion, Health & Fitness, and Getting Gorgeous Holiday Hair!  Next week, I'll be telling you a bit about the Heart & Soul session that will be led by yours truly, so check back on Wednesday for more. :)
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