Let's Dish // Dressing Up

Image 3Growing up, I remember realizing that getting dressed every morning could feel just as fun as playing dress up with my costume boxes, and that's how I got lured into a love affair with expressing myself through personal style.Image 4My mom used to make the BEST Halloween costumes (wish I had more photos with me!) and I remember showing up to neighborhood parties and trick or treating in the most intricate and original versions of Tinkerbell, an Egyptian princess, and I Dream of Jeannie (for a few years in a row).I never felt anything but fabulous, and loved knowing that no one would ever show up wearing the same thing... Maybe that's where I can attribute my love for vintage and using it to toe the current trends?Image 5

I'd love to hear about your own favorite Halloween costumes, and I hope you have a wonderful day filled with sweet treats and hardly any tricks!!

P.S. - Find out how I'm going to be dressing festively today here & follow along on instagram for a peek at some of my favorite sweets!