Digital Sprinkles // Little Fall Indulgences

SundaySprinkles_FallIndulgencesSimple as they may sound, here are a few things that are making this season feel particularly indulgent lately...

  1. Like first-aid for your face, I tell ya.  I took a little break from this Clarins Double Serum at the end of Summer, but now that my skin is feeling a bit more dry, it has been the perfect re-addition to my nighttime routine.  (Reminds me of a combo between this old favorite, and a magic anti-aging potion... Worth every penny!)
  2. Sometimes I make my own (we learned how at the last Pepperologie!) and sometimes it's just nice to have something a little fancier to reach for.  This body polish is a great way to get the exfoliation we talked about in yesterday's post about smooth stems, and the smell alone is meant to transport you to an Argentinian adventure.
  3. Sipping on this CocoCaramel Sea Salt tea RIGHT now, and it is one of the most delectable NO-calorie treats I have ever stumbled across... I can see this being the perfect go to for any of my sugary cravings throughout the coming winter.
  4. My skin tone makes it strangely hard to find a true "nude-look" nail polish that suits me, and even though this A-Piers to be Tan from OPI is a bit darker than I am, it has become my favorite way to get the look so far.
  5. Obviously the most delicious tea is not meant to be sipped out of any ordinary old cup... Little kitty face mug by Jonathan Adler would make my morning rituals feel a bit more fun.
  6. To keep the scent of summer fresh in mind, this tropical yet musky Coco Nuit candle from Wary Meyers will be helping me daydream about next beach-season.  (Can't wait to try the other scents!)
  7. I always like having something prettier than workout clothes to lounge around the house in, and ever since spotting this pretty floral lounge set last week, have been dreaming about making it mine. :)

What ways are you indulging yourself today?  I've just finished with my tea and am headed to Pilates and then brunch with Mr. Pepper and some new neighbors... Hope your weekend has been fabulous, and sending big hugs your way!