Beauty Bite // Getting Smooth Stems


We're talking about hair removal today, friends.

If you're a guy (YES, there are a few of them out there) - I'm going to politely suggest that you stop reading at this very moment.  Don't click through the jump, and just go about your merry way believing that all of the ladies in your life are just magically and effortlessly hair free... M'kay?THANKS.To my little Pepperita's - If you've ever shaved, waxed, plucked, threaded, zapped, lasered or wished away the fuzz on any part of your body at any time, this post will most likely be right up your alley.  Keep reading to hear about my recent experience with a new hair removal option, and let's dish about tips & tricks in the comments!

I've literally tried it all, from Nair to lasers, my dears.

I'm admitting to you right now that I have some seriously coarse, dark hair growing in most places that we do not want to have hair (how's THAT for full disclosure), and although many women are used to the concept of staying fuzz-free, I tend to take the smoothness of my legs fairly seriously.The first time I ever shaved my legs is an experience that is burned into my brain, and I've absolutely hated doing it ever since.  I was WAY too young to even be thinking about it, but had seen a few of my friend's older sisters obsessing about their blonde peach-fuzz-covered knees, while I watched my own legs grow pelts that made me resemble a leggy teddy bear instead of a 10 year old human.  Let's just say that allowing a curious pre-pubescent Jessie into a hotel room shower with a fresh disposable razor (which suck anyway!), ended up resulting in the removal of a four inch piece of flesh scraped right off my shin, a bathtub FULL of blood & a very light-headed little me.  I know - AWFUL!  Literally scarred for life.I somehow survived the trauma, but was pretty much a slave to shaving almost everyday from middle school on.  At some point in college, I thought it might be time to try something new, and as far as legs go - waxing has become my favorite method of hair removal ever since.I typically get mine done about 4-5 times per year, and even though I do shave between visits (as needed) am always amazed at how long I can go before it's visibly or husbandly noticeable!  Obviously, some of the major downsides to typical leg waxes is that it can be both time-consuming, expensive and extremely painful.  I had gotten pretty accustomed to powering through the "ouch factor"over the past few years, but after recently trying a new type of wax, could NOT believe how gentle it was and now know that I'll have a hard time going back to the torturous traditional version.

My visit to Uni K wax (in Murray Hill) was nothing short of amazing, and I still can hardly believe how easy, quick, and effective the whole process ended up being.

The special formula (made of natural beeswax, essential oils and a special pine tree resin) goes on at body temperature, and because of it's extremely elastic nature, comes off in large sections instead of tiny excruciating strips.  The entire process took around 20 minutes, and a normal non-Uni K visit for me is much closer to 45 minutes - major bonus for speediness.  My technician was completely delightful, and I loved how thorough she was, even inviting me to check her work and point out anything she might have missed before moving on to the next section.I instantly became a big fan of Uni K, and was even more delighted to find out that there are multiple locations in Manhattan, and even more in California, Florida and New York State.  Already looking forward to my next leg wax, and how often can you honestly utter those words together in the same sentence!

Two extra tips for keeping your legs smooth between visits:

  • Exfoliate // Use a loofah, a body brush, homemade sugar scrub... Anything!  Shaving less means your legs have a chance to build up more dead skin cells than normal, and this will cause in-growns when the hair starts to grow back.  Exfoliating can also increase circulation, even out splotchy color, makes a better base for your favorite self-tanner AND has even be said to reduce the sight of cellulite!
  • Moisturize // Keeping the skin on your legs looking and feeling healthy is so important, and dry legs feel almost as bad as spiky ones.  If you're shaving less (which I know you will be after you try this wax), I'd recommend shaving with a special moisiturizing cream (this one from EOS is my FAVE, and can be used wet or dry!), applying baby oil to the shaved spots while still in the shower, and then following up with your favorite lotion or dry oil after you've toweled off.  (Read more about my disdain for lotion, and my love for dry oil here.)

Now it's your turn to dish, my friends... What's your preferred method of hair removal these days?  What have you tried, which do you love most, and what has worked best for you?

---Above image of Isla's legs borrowed from here.*Note: This is not a sponsored post.  The services were provided to me at no charge, but I would not EVER tell you about a product or brand unless it were something that I believed in and would purchase again for myself.*