Life // Highlights of Summer 2013


hamptonsAt the beginning of the year, I told myself that I was going to be better about sharing snapshots of real life here on the site, so today's post (originally thwarted by technical problems on Monday) will be looking back at some of my favorite moments of the past season.Keep reading for some snaps that are really just a sampling of the highlights (see the full rundown of the best moments on our FB page here), and be sure to follow along with things as they happen over on Instagram & Twitter!Ps. - If you're already a friend on any of my social media channels, you may want to brace yourself for lots of style-focused snaps in the upcoming several days as New York Fashion Week officially begins tomorrow!  I'd love to have you follow along, and can't wait to share little bits of the best and brightest!

Highlights of the past few months included deepening new connections, cherished visits with faraway friends, trips to Florida/Austin/Jersey Shore/California, tasty treats, lots of work-related blessings and a handful of personal breakthroughs that I think will be sticking with me for many years to come...

 brooklyn bridgeThe man behind the camera snapping a shot of the Brooklyn Bridge...  Man, I love this guy.  We celebrated 6 years of marriage on July 14th! jersey shoreA very memorable first trip to the Jersey Shore with Amie, Hil & Anna!  (Look!  A CRAB!) sunset skylineSometimes I overflow my feed with shots of the NYC skyline... (Sorry, I'm not sorry.) pineappleI always say: If you invite me over, I will bring you presents. :) uncle gA visit from our nephews meant ukelele-time on the kitchen floor with Uncle G! kcmo05Dinner at one of our favorite spots with some of our favorite people in KC... surfing with uggSurfing lessons with Christine, Lindsey, Danny & UGG Australia...txsc 02Bus rides and thrift tours with Merl & Kendi at Texas Style Council Conferencetxsc 03Vintage shopping with one of my favorites (she's a true master)... ca 09Got plenty of quality time with this lady (was experiencing withdrawals since she moved to the West Coast a few months ago)... ca 01Katrina and I have known each other since we were little, and it's such a kick to spend time with her kiddos now! ca 02So blessed to spend an entire morning bonding over breakfast with Beth... ca 03The little Casa on the Cliffs looked like she was peeking over the edge, and I just couldn't resist a photo... ca 05Nor could I stop myself from snapping a shot of this view from the balcony... Already looking forward to heading back in the Fall! ca 06Evening walk to dinner with both sets of parents...  Triple date!  (Mine on the left, His on the right) ca 07Kayaking around Balboa Island with Sara B and Sam the Sealion! ca 08This girl is my soul-sister... We celebrated our 10-year Friendiversary (to the date!) and it couldn't have been more perfect. :) dog park date nightMy dude and my doggie looking pretty cute on a bench at the park we go to nearly every single night... girls nightSeriously-needed Girl's Night with Grace & Chris at Caroline's new place... Not complete without pizza, vino and lots gabbing! me time

Feeling SO very grateful for a summer full of friends, fun projects & finding time to spend reflecting and getting ready for the upcoming season, and as always, am so happy to have you along for the ride!