Beauty Bite // Buxom Stay Put Eye Shadow


Buxom Stay Put Eye Shadow in Golden Retriever - $18

Just popping in to share a product that has been a major summer staple in my everyday beauty routine lately... I'm not normally a huge eyeshadow gal (mainly because I don't feel like I've ever been able to master any sort of technique!) but after trying this Buxom Stay Put creme color, I've hardly been wearing anything else all season.For me, the lasting color is important - otherwise, why bother? - and I'm a big fan of the fact that it doesn't crease on hot days or fall beneath the eye and smudge (which I feel like a lot of shimmery shadows tend to do on me).The line makes a whole range of colors, but I'm partial to this "Golden Retreiver" shade (on some sites it's called bronze or golden taupe, I think), because it blends well with a summer tan and makes blue eyes seem to pop. Most of the time I just draw along my lash line with a thin brush and smudge with my finger. No other shades or tricks needed, and it creates a low-maintenance look that I love!That's all for today, chickadees... I'll have another little fashion week look ready for you tomorrow, so stay tuned and I'll see ya soon!