Pepperologie // AZ Tickets Now For Sale!


desert girlImage by Nicholas Maggio

There have been lots of good things going on around here this week, and I'd like to continue the streak by heating things up with an exciting announcement about my favorite project...You may remember me mentioning that Pepperologie (the creative lifestyle course that I host) would be popping up in Phoenix in the fall, and I'm pleased to announce that our early-bird tickets are now available!  This special rate is over $100 off the regular price and will only be offered until September 1st, so now is a great chance to secure your spot.I'll be announcing more details as it gets a bit closer, but am SO excited about the experts who will be leading each session. They are blowing me away with their brilliance, and I love knowing that we all share a desire to help women to feel like the best possible version of themselves. (Because you KNOW that's my jam.)Find out more about the inspiring and interactive day here, and sign up for the mailing list to make sure you don't miss a beat.

Want to take a peek at past events?  Images from December and May in NYC are over on our S&P Facebook page!