Get Fit | Music or Podcasts?

IMG_1413Blogging from Balboa Island in California this morning, and just got back from the most amazing run in the breezy seaside air.  I know that some people are surprised to hear that I stick to some semblance of a fitness routine when I travel, but I honestly love getting a chance to explore new places on foot, plus it gives me a little extra allowance for fun vacation-style splurges. ;)IMG_1516These photos were snapped back in Hoboken, but I'm quite thankful for this extra zip-up layer that I've had for the early morning exercise on the beach.  It may look like an ordinary hoodie at first glance, but the drawstrings are actually earbuds and it plugs right in to my iPhone from one of the special side pockets to create a seamless fit!IMG_1504I rarely listen to music (so weird - I know), but love tuning in to my favorite podcasts* while I run, and this brilliant invention called the HB Super by HoodieBuddy makes it just that much easier.  The whole thing can be thrown in the washing machine without doing any harm to the wiring, and I love that you can even send in your own favorite hoodie sweatshirt for them to retrofit with the special technology.IMG_1444

Shop the Post // Sunnies, Zip-up - c/o HoodieBuddy, Tennies,and iPhone case (designed by yours truly!)


(Side ponytails for life.)


What are you all listening to while you workout these days?  Team Podcast or Team Playlist?  I'd love to hear new suggestions for either, so feel free to leave them here in the comments!

*I can't miss The Good Life Project & After the Jump lately... Both are full of encouragement and inspiration for both life and business, and I highly recommend them!