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Sunshine-soaked, citrus inspired.I chose the theme for this Pin Party after seeing the sweet fruit print by Anna Bond that you see above, and once I got a "taste" of the tangy brightness, the rest just came together naturally...We'll kick off the evening with Meyer Lemon Mojitos and a light appetizer like this Citrus Salad with Roasted Fennel & Mint. If you're joining us, you might as well wear a skirt covered in leafy lemon branches and I'll decorate the tables for you with these cute little kumquat "bouquets."

A few other lemon-y loves from around the web: This lemon bikini is the perfect mix of sweet & tart, a dishtowel that packs quite a punch, and now I'm jonesing for this darling set of fruit measuring cups that would brighten up my kitchen in an instant.

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