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How gorgeous is that dress?Reminds me of this red floral maxi, currently on my "dream" wishlist. :)

I love a good story, and when they're told alongside a peek into the lives of the interesting people and homes who tell them, you can pretty much bet that I'll be looking forward to soaking up every little detail.Fellow blogger Hilary Walker has created a new project that features the style and living spaces of individuals that inspire her, and the result is the gorgeous and newly launched site called "Our Style Stories."DSC_0128I'm lucky enough to be sharing a preview from an upcoming post with you here today, and if these images are any indication of the content and beauty to be delivered by the site, we'd both better be sure to subscribe this very minute!DSC_0144The rest of the images from this feature on Abbi & Geoff Ice will go live next week, so make sure you pop over to the site on Monday to see the rest of the piece on a couple who is one part philanthropist (Abbi works at Worn, which helps refugee women in their Fort Worth, TX community) and one part musician (Geoff is the bassist for Green River Ordinance).In the meantime, I hope you have a lovely weekend full of inspiration and story-worthy adventures! We've got family and friends in town for the next few days, so have been exploring some new areas/restaurants, seeing a few Broadway shows, and just enjoying some together time before they leave on Sunday.

Thanks for stopping by, Sugarpuffs!  I'll see you back here very soon!

*All images by Hilary Walker for Our Style Stories