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diy-tassel-keychainTumbler from The Mason Bar Co, Sunnies from Nordstrom, Tassel by me!

Why does it always seem like when you're shopping for something very specific, it automatically becomes THAT much harder to find?!It had been months since I started the search for a cute little keychain to go on our set of spare keys, and when Scotch® Color & Pattern Duct Tape approached me with the opportunity to create a DIY project using their fun new products, I knew it was high-time to stop looking around and just go ahead and make one for myself!After accepting the challenge, I knew right away that I'd be making a tassel keychain out of the moody green snakeprint tape (which also happens to match my platforms from yesterday's post!), and now I'm excited to be sharing the how-to with you here.Keep reading for the full set of instructions, and Happy Crafting!

Supplies Needed //  Your choice of Scotch® Color & Pattern Duct Tape, A sharp pair of scissors (important!) & A key ring!supplies

Step 1 // Cut four equal pieces of your favorite patterned Scotch duct tape, each about 12-15" long.step 1

Step 2 // Carefully connect the first two pieces, keeping the sticky sides facing up and aligning but slightly overlapping the horizontal edges.step 2

Step 3 // Place the 3rd strip face down about 1 cm below the top edge of the original strip. Finish the panel by adding the 4th strip, face down, aligning it with the bottom edge.step 3

Step 4 // Starting on one side, cut parallel slits into the panel that are about 1 cm apart.  Be sure to leave stop about 1" before the top edge (the one with the sticky part still exposed) so that you don't cut through the entire piece. Continue to the opposite edge so that the entire panel becomes a row of fringe.step 4

Step 5 // Begin to roll the fringe into a tassel by starting with one edge and keeping it tightly wound by using the adhesive from the tape to hold it in place.step 5

Step 6 // Cut a piece of solid Scotch duct tape into a 1" x 2" piece (see diagram). With the first piece, you'll cut further to remove two corners from the same edge, resulting in a chunky "T" shape, as shown.  Fold both long sides inward, which will cover most of the exposed sticky, but still leaving that little lower tab. Loop that piece around the key ring, and fold the lower tab up to secure.step-6

Step 7 // Place the ring and slider that you just created on the top left hand corner of another piece, lay the tassel right on top and wrap the entire piece of tape around to secure.step 7

And there you have it... An easy way to jazz up your set of keys, and I bet that no one will even know that it's made from just tape!


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