Beauty Bite // Moxie Make-Under Video w BareMinerals

bare minerals moxie lipcolorEarlier this year, I had the chance to partner with Bare Minerals for the launch of their new line of lipcolors called Moxie, and we had such a GREAT time sharing the beautiful new shades with some of the fabulous women of San Francisco.  It has been so amazing to work with a brand that I whole-heartedly stand behind (and have used since I was 16!), and I loved being a part of furthering their mission to help our fellow females feel not just pretty, but pretty amazingWatch the video below to follow along on our adventure!

Ps. I'm wearing "Live it Up" in the video! :)

I literally marched right up to more than a dozen women throughout the day (receiving far fewer strange looks than I expected), and asked if I could help them pick out a lipcolor that they could test out and keep from the new line.   Not only was it incredible to see the transformation that occurred after a "colorful" touch-up, but seeing them light up when they looked in the mirror was just THE BEST.  You know I love helping women feel like the best possible versions of themselves, and this project could not have been more right up my alley.

I'd love to hear what makes YOU feel like the best version of yourself, here in the comments... Is is a new lipcolor?  An intense workout?  Mastering a fancy dessert and serving it to friends?