Let's Dish // The Edge of Creative Life

Photo from my Instagram feed // Rooftop of the Peninsula Hotel

I've been thinking about this quote from Diane Sawyer ever since reading an interview with her in Harper's BAZAAR a few months ago. (Who doesn't love an extra little dose of Diane?!)As I'm right on the verge of some new creative projects while simultaneously struggling with a few challenges, it seemed fitting to write a little bit about it this week.So many times it seems that straddling multiple lifestyle industries, while also trying to forge ahead in the "Wild West" of the blogging world, has me feeling like I'm constantly on the very edge of any one thing... Lately, that sensation has turned into as a strange mixture of discomfort and stress, and I'm really not a fan of having those two creeps be a part of my Summer.The other day, I was sitting at my computer mulling over something completely unrelated, when I looked up and spotted a page I had ripped out of the BAZAAR feature pinned to my bulletin board.  When I read the line: "Being safe is the enemy of everything.  In the beautiful anxiety at the edge of your competence is an air pocket of what you have always done and what you might do... This is your creative life." - I was immediately struck by it's relevance.I can't even remember what made me set the page aside originally, but seeing these words gave me just the nudge of encouragement and focus that I needed to get through that moment of paralyzing self-doubt.  I absolutely love how Diane acknowledges that something so uncomfortable can actually be viewed as a beautiful gift, and I fully believe that embracing the occasional "air pockets" of uncertainty can be seen as valuable steps in our lives - whether you're a creative entrepreneur or an artist or a business owner or a mom.Ok, now let's dish, friends: Do you ever feel like you're on the verge of something great, but for some reason, the vastness of it stops you dead in your tracks?  Have you been able to push ahead when taking a step back seem like the wiser choice?  I always love hearing about your own experiences, and please feel free to share your honest thoughts with me here. :)Whether you're teetering on an edge somewhere, or nestled safely on your perch, I hope you have a wonderful Friday and am sending wonderful weekend wishes your way!

XOXO - Jessie Pepper