Digital Sprinkles // Wanderlust


Guys, I'm so excited for this week... We're going on vacation! 

We're headed to Kansas City on Tuesday for a few jam-packed days of fun with some of our dearest friends (and to make sure we still remember how to ride our scooter!), and then are headed to spend the rest of the week lazing on the lake with G's family in southern Missouri. 

While I do love the fact that I'm able to travel often for work, it will be the first real time off I've taken since the holidays, and I can't WAIT to unplug a bit.  We've actually got a handful of fun trips planned for the rest of the Summer, and with all of the daydreaming and prep for upcoming getaways, I've definitely got adventure on the brain.

If this week's Sunday Sprinkles don't give you at least a tiny whiff of wanderlust, then you must have pretty strong roots wherever you are.  Check out some of my favorite travel worthy tips below, and let me know if you're headed anywhere fun yourself!

ONE // A guide to some great cities in just a 12 hour trip... I'm thinking Vancouver - anyone with me?

TWO // Want to keep working on your fitness while you're on the road?  This simple 20 min workout can be done nearly anywhere!

THREE // Eight different recipes for my favorite travel snack of all time!

FOUR // I upgraded my own luggage tag earlier this week, but I love that this cheeky set would help you spot your suitcase from a long ways away!

FIVE // Life in a 1970's double decker bus?  Yes, please.  Can you even imagine?!

Ps. Check out my own travel must-haves and packing essentials from posts past, and let us know in the comments what you could never dream of leaving home without!

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