[Courtside] Catwalk // Jersey Girl


As you can see, I traded in my usual Concrete Catwalk for the courtside version today...With all of the gorgeous weather we've been having, spending time outdoors has been a priority, and any excuse to combine exercise and enjoying the sunshine at the same time sounds like a pretty great afternoon to me!I wanted to switch things up for my workout routine this past weekend, so I threw on my brightest mesh jersey tank (which doubles as a great running top), and my compression leggings that I've already begged you to buy (they're the best!) and we headed out to our neighborhood nets.  A rousing game of pick-up paired with some of my new activewear by Old Navy, and I'm already thinking about my next fast-break!This usually comes as a surprise to some, but I've been a basketball fan for as long as I can remember, and growing up around the NBA has given me a serious appreciation for the game... Do you have a favorite professional sport that you follow closely? Am I the only one who will be watching the finals this week?? :)

Ps.  While we were playing and shooting these photos this weekend, I got a little inkling of an idea for a new Get Fit post for you guys, so stay tuned for a fun basketball-based workout video coming to the site very soon!

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