Beauty Bite // Savvy Sun-Care


Savvy sun-care!  Such an important part of anyone's beauty routine this time of year, and because we're headed to the lake tomorrow for a long weekend, I've got my tried and true favorites packed and ready to go.  In case you're still searching for the perfect product to block the harmful rays, I'm sharing my tried-and-true favorites here, and would love to hear any must-haves I may have missed in the comments.

Floppy Sun Hat // Most women invest a lot of money in their hair care throughout the year, so why let it get damaged in the Summer time?  A hat is the best way to keep treated hair safe, plus it doubles a chic accessory.  :)

La Vanila SPF 30 Lip Screen // The scent of this stuff alone is enough to make you buy it in multiples (smells like a vanilla cookie!), but as someone who is constantly trying to keep my chapped lips at bay, I put this on every single time I head out the door.

Aveeno Hydrosport SPF 30 // I honestly feel like I've tried every single body SPF (from drugstore to high-end), and this stuff is simply the best.  It goes on with the most perfectly even spray, absorbs quickly and ends up being completely dry to the touch in seconds!  I especially love that it is sweat and water proof, because I spray myself down before running outside and it makes a huge difference in keeping away the runners tan lines!

Kiehl's Tinted SPF 15 Lip Balm // I've been using this rosy gloss since middle school, and I love that the subtle color and shine almost seem too pretty to be doing any actual sun-protecting.  I have several tubes (one for each beach bag!), and it's the perfect way to add a little extra polish whether you're by the pool or by the sea.

Aveeno SPF 30 Daily Face Moisturizer // This little bottle of goodness is honestly the tip-top most important part of my daily beauty routine.  I've tried SO many different kinds of daily face moisturizer (even from Aveeno), and for some reason this is the ONLY one that doesn't get all wonky when I go to put concealer or anything else on top.  I buy this even when I still have a bottle half-full on my shelf because I'm afraid I'll unknowingly run out with no back-up on hand!

Aveda Protective Hair Veil // Another protective hair product, this spray-on mist is lightweight, water-resistant, and is jam-packed with vitamins and minerals that will help moisturize, de-tangle and protect your hair from the sun.  I'm obsessed with Aveda's whole Sun Care Hair line, and also highly recommend the Sun Care Cleanser & Sun Care Masque.

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