Beauty Bite // Mascara Must-haves


Let's talk lashes.  Mascara is one of the only beauty products that I rarely leave home without, and because of my devotion to staying bright-eyed, I've tried my fair share of brands and technologies claiming to deliver the best.  A few important criteria that I always look for:  Must have a great brush, shouldn't smudge or flake, and washes off easily with soap and water (hate having to use a special remover).

Every once in a while, something new will floor me, but I almost always go back to my tried-and-true favorites.  Today's Beauty Bite features the three superstars (plus an extra bonus!) that are in my current must-have rotation, and at any given time, you can bet that I'm using at least one of these mascaras to help me feel just a little bit more glamorous than I would without.

Origins GinZing Brightening Mascara // I first read about this tube in a Lucky feature by Jean Godfrey June, and her witty review made me run right out to buy it immediately.  Over a year later, I'm still a huge fan of the oversized brush, natural ingredients and thick formula.  Just two coats (with a few seconds to dry in between), and my lashes look fuller than ever.

Lancome Definicils // I've been using this stuff since I was 15 years old!  Honestly, I could probably have built a me-sized raft and floated to a tropical island with all of the empty tubes I've tossed out in the last decade, but I think that's a true testament to the fact that it's definitely one of the best.  The curved brush makes it easy to apply to each and every little lash, and it seems to automatically make them curl outward which makes the eye appear more open and bright!

Jane Iredale Longest Lash Mascara & Conditioner // This little guy is packed with sea minerals to create healthy lashes, and comes in six different flattering shades.  It has tiny little fibers in the product itself, and they cling to each lash making them look long and full.  I've tried other products with the same "lengthening" tactic, and they always end up irritating my eyes, but the natural ingredients in this one seem to be much gentler, while still very effective.  I use the Conditioner first as a base coat (although it's definitely not required for a dramatic look), and after just a few days started noticing that my lashes seemed a bit longer and healthier.

So now I've got to know: What mascara is your current favorite?  Any others I should try or know about?  Oh, and another question... Has anyone tried those lash lengthening serums (like Latisse or Neulash) before?  I've always been tempted, but haven't quite known if it would be worth it or where to start.  Let's Dish in the comments!

Ps.  I'm jetting off to Florida today for a long-weekend with Mr. Pepper and my family... Follow along on Instagram for a play-by-play of our vacay! ;)

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