Featured | Style + Pepper iPhone Case!

See this full outfit here, and find out how to get the look below!

Not necessarily proud to admit this, but sometimes it feels like my iPhone has become an extension of my actual arm these days. (Can anyone relate?!)  I've written about chic tech accessories before, so you know that I'm totally into having a case to keep my gadgets covered AND cute, and I like to think that it is almost as fun as choosing accessories to go with my latest outfit. ;)When Uncommon asked if I was interested in collaborating to come up with a custom Style & Pepper iPhone case, my answer was a very enthusiastic "Yes!" and I got right to work on collecting some inspiration images and design elements that would convey the look I was going for.  The final outcome was inspired by my love of floral prints, geometric patterns & saturated colors, and I am honestly SO in love with how it turned out.  Plus, every time someone sees it and mentions how it caught their eye, it's fun to share with them that I had a hand in it's creation!

The Style & Pepper iPhone case is available for both the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 4, so regardless of which model you have, you can still get in on the action!

I'd be so excited if you end up snagging one for yourself, because then we'll match!  (Not kidding. Do it! #twinsies)

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