Recipe // Roasted Blood Orange & Ricotta Parfait


As happy as I am about starting to see spring produce gracing the aisles of our local market, I'm always a little sad to say goodbye to winter citrus. 

The beautiful blood oranges that we've had over the past few weeks have been incredible, and after realizing that I had eaten one as an afternoon snacks about a dozen days in a row, I decided that it was time to try and switch it up for something that tastes a little more decadent.

This dessert is under 250 calories, and was the perfect thing to prep in the morning for quick assembly at a dinner party later in the evening.  Anything that looks this pretty and tastes this great will be sure to impress even the most finicky friends - Plus, they'll love you for keeping it healthy so they can have an extra glass of wine. ;) 

Keep reading for the simple ingredients (really only three!), and I'm excited to hear what you think!

Get the Goods // Serves 4
3 large blood oranges, including the zest of one
8 pieces of Brownie Brittle* or other biscotti/wafer of choice
1 and 1/3 cup of non-fat ricotta cheese
A drizzle of honey or orange liqueur, optional (we used Grand Marnier)

Simple Steps...

Prep // Start by setting your oven on broil and grease a baking sheet by coating it with your Misto oil sprayer.  Grate the top layer of peel off of one entire orange, and combine almost all of the zest (reserving a tiny bit for garnish) in a small bowl with the ricotta cheese.

Chop // Carefully slice the pithy white part of the peel off of the 3 oranges (use this handy guide for a how-to), dice up all three fruits into 1-1.5" segments, and spread on your pan before placing in the oven.

Cook // Keep an eye on the fruit while it roasts for about 15-20 mins (watch for burning), and once the edge of your oranges have started to brown and crisp up a bit, you can remove from the oven and scrape into a dish for later.  I'd recommend doing it right away before they have a chance to cool on the pan because otherwise the yummy caramelized juices dry out, and you're definitely going to want them to be a part of the final product.  Cover and cool.

Assemble // Layer one piece of brownie brittle or cookie on the bottom of each parfait dish, followed by one quarter of the ricotta mixture topped with one quarter of the oranges and their juices.  Next comes the drizzle of honey (1 Tbsp) or orange liqueur (1/2 a shot glass) across the top, an extra cookie & tiny sprinkle of zest make for the perfect finishing touches.  We put everything together several hours later, and you could probably even get everything ready up to a full day in advance.

That's it, friends!  So simple, and of course you're getting a great dose of vitamin C from the oranges, 80% of your daily calcium intake from the ricotta, and the dessert itself has over 13 grams of protein!

If this flavor combo sounds delish, but you're looking for something a little different - My sweet friend Colleen posted about these tasty-sounding muffins earlier this week!  They're gluten-free and GORGEOUS, so don't miss 'em! 

* We first came across Sheila G's Brownie Brittle at our local market, and I love it because it's basically like having a bag of JUST the crispy edges from a brownie pan.  (The best part!)  I generally don't eat very much sugar or processed snack foods, but this has proven to be a great little indulgence for special occasions.  I'd love to experiment with making my own at some point, and this healthy recipe for chocolate crackers looks like a great spot to start... Will keep you posted!

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