Life // Goodbye Jordan


Feeling so broken-hearted this morning... My big red dog went to be in heaven yesterday, and I can hardly think about anything else.

We're back home in Hoboken now, but since I've been at my parents house in AZ for the past week, I was lucky enough to get to spend much of that time with him.  He's been pretty sick for the past few months, and I still can't believe that he waited until the morning that we left to finally give in to his failing body.  My parents and Gerard and I were with him when he died, and I wouldn't trade those last moments for anything.

I've included a few puppy pictures and some fond memories below, and will be back tomorrow with regularly scheduled programming.

Puppy-boy!  Just a few weeks old.  
He was the first of the litter, and named "Lucky" by his breeder family, 
but we were the ones who've been so lucky to have him all these years. 
(Changed his name to Jordan after we got him home.)

He slept in the bathroom when we first brought him home, 
and I hated how sad it was that he cried for his mother, 
so I slept curled up on the tile floor with him every single night.

Jordan's favorite spot.  
He was always so happy to be sitting around with the family, 
and would stare at you intently if you thought that the spot was free for the taking.

  He was taller than I was, sitting down!  This guy had my heart.

He was only 8 and half when he died, 
and was pretty sick during the last few years of his life.
I'm so thankful to know that he's not in pain anymore.

Kissing me on Christmas morning.

Miss you, Jordy-boy - I can still feel your fuzzy nose and big hugs.
Thanks for being such a gift to our family, and bringing smiles to so many.

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