Let's Dish // Five Things


My sweet Gracie tagged me with this fun little meme a few weeks ago, and I've been meaning to share a few tidbits with you ever since!  Keep reading for some fun facts about me, and feel free to share your own in the comments...

One // I have an obsession with sticky notes... They're literally ALL over my desk in every variation of shape and size that I've ever seen.  At first glace, it probably looks like I have a bit of a problem, but it's a system that works for me, and anything that can help to corral my craziness is something to embrace, no?  (Totally been longing for these babies, but I need to wait until I use a few more of the stacks that I already have!)

Two // I'm afraid of turtles... Yep, I know - It sounds pathetic, but I was bitten by a snapping one summer (on the toe while wakeboarding - ouch!) and can't shake the idea that they're all out to get me ever since.  My friends used to think it was a funny joke, but I really really do not like those little buggers.

Three // I eat chocolate in some form at least once every single day... Hi, I'm Jessie and I'm a chocoholic!  I have several favorites, but generally spring for the 70-85% super-dark or sugar free varieties, and also try to make sure the kind we keep at home is fair trade and organic.  (I'm obsessed with the brand Theo, and really want to try this interesting sounding flavor next!)

Four // I love words...  I come from a family of writers, am a third generation journalist (my Dad's parents actually met working at their local newspaper in Arizona!), and I've always considered myself a bit of a wordsmith. ;)  A complete sucker for a good play on words, even the most pathetic puns and  alliterations put a smile on my face.  Devouring a good book is definitely one of my favorite past times (Currently reading this hilarious page-turner, and it literally makes me laugh out loud several times each page!), and I've learned how to read while walking down the street, up a flight of stairs AND running on the treadmill!

Five // I hoard special phone messages... Yep, my iPhone voicemail box is full of words from family and sweet friends who've called over the past year or so (mostly on my birthday), and though I'm not always the best (OK, I'm the worst) at calling people back, hearing the voices of special people when I'm going through a rough patch is nearly always what I need to pull me through.

Instead of tagging five more people, I'd love to know YOUR "5 Things", so feel free to share a few in the comments of this post, and I can't wait to learn more about you!

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