In the Kitchen // Spice up your Salad

Farming in Fashion // Picking my own produce in Central California!

I've really enjoyed posting more food related goodies with you here on S&P (did you catch the latest healthy dessert recipe from last weekend?), but for today's In the Kitchen feature - it's YOUR turn to do a little bit of sharing...

I'm very excited to be partnering with Lean Cuisine on yet another great Culinary Roundtable in a few weeks, and for this next event, we're talking all about one of my own daily eats:  leafy greens.  If you thought that the brand usually known for low-cal frozen meals (and recently, snacks!) was stopping there, you NEED to try out the newest member of their line-up... Salad Additions!

Curious to learn more?  Here's where you come in: At our next Roundtable Session in May (read more about the first two here and here), I'll get a chance to chat with each of the Lean Cuisine chefs to find out more about their inspiration behind the latest creations, and how to get the most out of taking that lettuce from drab to fab!

Maybe you've always wanted to know if there is a certain dressing that works best with your favorite lettuce, or perhaps you're dying to hear the most unexpected chef-approved salad topping of the coming summer?  Now is the chance to weigh in with your own questions in the comments of this post, and I'll be sure to do my best to find out exactly what you want to know and answer them here!

Just doin' my job here, folks, and I promise to taste-test as much delicious food for you as I can in the process.  ;)

Don't forget to share your questions in the comments, and stay tuned for a new Trendwatch post later today!


Note: This is not a sponsored post.  I have been fortunate enough to work with Lean Cuisine over the past several months, and truly believe in the brand and product.  I only share products that I absolutely LOVE with you here, and want to make sure you know how much I value your visits!

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