Digital Sprinkles | Rope Round-up

SP sunday sprinkles 5.jpg

We've been in DIY mode to the max here at Casa de S&P...Between several crafty client projects in the works and trying to get our house ready for a Spring photoshoot, It feels like nearly every time I have an idea, my next thought is - "But, can I do it myself?"  Surely not the worst thing in the world, but it has definitely been a reminder that for sanity's sake, it's ok to have someone "do it for you" every once in a while.That said, any of the rope-inspired DIY's in today's Sunday Sprinkles would make for a great addition to the seaside influence we've always embraced in our home, and they're all simple enough to be tackled in an afternoon.  (Phew!)

One // We are always looking for ways to corral clutter and these dipped baskets would be great for table linens, throw blankets and am thinking we'd also need a tiny one for Sadie's toys!Two // If making something from scratch is more your style, you will love this coiled rope bowl and even though it's shown full of apples, I was thinking you could also do a cup shape to make a desktop spot for your pens and pencils.Three // Obviously more fashion-focused than the rest, I couldn't resist including these knotted-rope ankle strap heels, and love that the steps are simple and the style is perfectly in line with the nautical trend that we see embraced every summer.

Four // In a home with very few windows, we've learned to use reflective surfaces to create light whenever possible.  Not only could it brighten up a space, but this rope mirror would also be great hung in an entryway where you could use it for a quick spot-check on your way out the front door.Five // When I first spotted these rope drawer pulls, I realized that they might be the perfect solution to finding replacements for our dresser that has impossibly wide-set handles.  I've been wanting to update them for years, and love this unique and inexpensive solution.

And I have to add a sixth sprinkle today! :)  I stumbled across this video on how to make rope & bottle flower vases last week, and love the idea of maybe using the same technique on old wine bottles?  (Needless to say, we usually have a few of those lying around...) Would make such a sweet dinner party centerpiece, and not only would you be recycling your glass, but if you made a little cluster, you could also send one home with each of your guests!

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