Inspired By | Easter Eggs

 Image by Honey & Jam

Stepping into nearly any market at this time of year, you'll most likely be greeted with shelves upon shelves of Easter-themed decor and merchandise.  Our corner drugstore has an entire aisle devoted solely to pastel Peeps and that curly plastic basket-stuffing fluff (in 12 colors - I counted)!While I DO love fun traditions and holidays (especially this one), I've recently been noticing a more trend-driven take on the standard egg-dying that I remember from childhood... And I'm loving the update!Keep reading for a fun round-up of stylish egg decorating ideas, paired with a little inspiration and some shop-able finds...

Black + White Pattern
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Butterfly Prints
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Blue Floral
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Paisley Silk
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More helpful and inspiring links: How to boil the perfect egg, dying with natural food-based colors, other great uses for hard-boiled eggs!Did you grow up decorating Easter eggs at home?  My favorite was always coloring on the shells with white crayon first, and then watching the patterns appear in the dye baths... Tell me your favorite techniques in the comments!

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