Let's Dish // A Good Friday

The view from our morning walk yesterday

According to the last Let's Dish, I'm going to keep with the theme of trying new things today because the truth is: I really like sharing little snippets of my life here with you.  Sound ok?

Today marks the start of my favorite holiday weekend of the year, but I woke up feeling a strange mixture of homesickness and hope.  The first because I so desperately miss being able to celebrate Easter with our family and friends who are so far away, and the latter because I trust that the next few days will still be filled with goodness and rest for our little family.

Regardless of whether or not you'll be celebrating anything besides lovely weather and bright colors and sugar highs (those are all in my near future, too!), I hope that you have a very Good Friday, and are able to embrace your blessings and truly feel the love that is extended to you each moment of every day.

XOXO - Jessie

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