Concrete Catwalk // Teddy Bear


I had about eight people tell me I reminded them of a teddy bear* when I wore this outfit the other day.  I guess when you're in chocolatey brown from head to toe, and more than half of you is covered in snuggly materials on a snowy blizzard-y day, people are going to see what they want to see, huh?Dressing decently during inclement weather is always a bit challenging for me, but I try and add as many layers as I think I'll need, and keep the patterns/accessories/colors interesting so that I don't get bored (and hopefully neither do the people who have to look at me). :)  On this particular day, I took a cue from the Candela FW13 presentation from last week, and I bedazzled up my knit-cap with little brooch-like earrings... Such a fun way to spice things up!Keep reading for the full look and outfit details (plus, a little known secret about me), and I hope you have a cozy three-day weekend filled with less snow and more snuggles!

*I can't believe I'm about to admit this, but I still sleep with a bear of my own (Name: Teddy) that my Aunt Krissy gave me on the day I was born! (Hi, Krissy!!! XO) He's 28 years old, traveled to at least half a dozen countries and I can count the amount of nights that I've slept without him next to me on one hand.  There.  Now we're all a little bit closer, see?Did you sleep with a bear or a special blanket/pillow growing up?  I love learning these fun tidbits about my friends, so feel free to share in the comments! XOTop to Bottom:Cashmere knit cap -Gift from a client (similar)Earrings - Bauble BarLeopard print blouse - Vintage, thrifted (similar)Sweater - c/o The Limited (similar)Coat - Vintage, thrifted (similar)Scarf - Present from Mama (similar)Necklace - c/o Karen LondonRing - Vintage, Etsy (similar)Handbag - kate spade NY (similar)Brown riding pants - Joe Fresh (similar)Brown 'Ursela' boots (only $63!) - c/o MIA

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