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The very first S&P post of 2013 - Hoorah!

Today, I'm sharing a few things that I'm hoping for MORE of in the new year.  Not exactly resolutions, as those usually seem like things that we vow to do less of (eat junk, drink alcohol, spend too much, etc), but a few little bits of life that I'd simply like to do more of in the coming year.Entertain more // G and I love throwing a great party, and we have a long list of friends (new and old!) that we'd love to have to dinner before the year ends - Just a bit of fun on the quest to make our home "A place to love".  Here's to more yummy food, more bubbly beverages & more late-night conversations and cherished friendships.  UPDATE:  We hosted our first annual Epiphany Party last year (140 people in our tiny apartment over the course of 12 hours!), joined a Dinner Group where we rotate hosting each week, and loved having several little parties here and there where we included lots of new friends and neighbors.Unplug more // Whenever I get a tiny squiggle of free time, it often gets taken up by my never ending to-do list. (Can anyone relate?) Instead of letting it slip away to work related minutiae, I'm hoping for more more book-readng, more DIY projects & more time snuggling on the couch with G and Sadie.  UPDATE:  I made it a point to step away from my desk the moment Mr. Pepper gets home from work each night.  That means I sometimes have to work more after he's gone to bed, but having that time together after a long day has been such a treat!Experiment more // I haven't been to a salon for a haircut or color for over 1.5 years, and have lately been feeling inspired to switch things up by trying a few different hairstyles lately.  Currently working up the courage to try more fringe, more braids, more curls & maybe even a great big chop one of these days.  UPDATE:  Two drastically different haircuts and the recent addition of some blonde highlights make me feel like I totally knocked this one outta the park. :)Ride my bike more // I snagged a beautiful little red vintage bike (and named her Ruby!) at the end of last summer, and hardly got any chance to ride her before the freezing-cold weather arrived.  Might be a bit chilly until Spring, but excited for more leisurely rides, cute bicycle-style posts, quicker errand-running, and perhaps some new wheels for my Sweet G!  UPDATE:  This was the ingredient that got neglected the most, but I DID order a bike pump the last week of 2013 and I'm hoping that getting those tires pumped up will have me on the road in no time.Move more // Ever since the Hurricane hit in October, my own personal fitness routine and goals have completely fallen by the wayside.  Now that the holidays have zipped by and the days will slowly be getting longer, I'm hoping for more outdoor runs, more focused discipline, more dancing and hopefully trying more new classes whenever I get the chance!  UPDATE: This was one of my favorite things to add this year, and I had such a fabulous time taking barre classes, getting back into my pilates and ballet practice, joining a gym & trying SoulCycle for the first time.Not trying to wiggle out of setting any tangible goals here, but I suspect that being intentional about adding just a bit more of each of these things to my life will be a great start towards a very good year.  Does that sound like it makes sense?Are you planning on adding anything more to your life in 2013?  I'd love to hear your thoughts, and provide some encouragement in the comments, so feel free to share and I hope you have a fabulous first day of the new year!!

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