Pin Party // Icy Blues


I know it's been a while, but back in November I hinted at one of the fun new blog features I'd be launching in 2013, and I'm excited to share the first edition here with you today!  In keeping with my "More in 2013" goals (there they are again!), this new column has to do with entertaining family and friends in your own home.

Pin Party is is a fun collaboration that I created with my sweet assistant Sarah, and we're so excited about it that we already have next month's edition finished and waiting in the wings.  With our shared love of entertaining, combined with my recently reinvigorated love of Pinterest (follow me here!), we'll be sharing a seasonal party-planning mood board during each month of the year.  

The collections are meant to give you ideas for hosting your very own parties or events, and are all based off of a gorgeous piece of original art or design to get the look going.  Each of the theme elements of the board is meant to echo the look of the inspiration piece, and hopefully will encourage you to design, dine, drink, dress & decorate with a special flair of your very own.
DESIGN // As a nod to the freezing cold wind barreling against our windows at the moment, today's feature focuses on embracing the icy blue glaciers in the art that you see above, and using it as an excuse to have some neighbors over for a hot meal in front of a warm fire.  (Still trying to track down the original source to give the artist credit - feel free to let me know if you have any idea!)
Dine // Admittedly, these macarons are more of a dessert than a main course, but pile them up in one single color on mismatched blue plates, and they make a big impact while providing a yummy snack that your guests can munch on throughout the evening. 
Dress // When hosting at home, I like to keep my look simple and unfussy so that I don't have to think about it too much throughout the night.  Sticking with a monochromatic look like the one above would be an easy choice, and for a more casual gathering, I love this ruffled DVF top paired with sky blue denim flares.
Drink // Nothing like a hot toddy on a cold day (I like mine with extra lemon!), and you'd get extra party-style points for serving yours in these gorgeous blue floral mugs (only $20 for a set of four!). 
Decorate // How perfect is this centerpiece? And SO simple... Gather blue glass bottles from your local thrift store or flea market, fill with water dyed with a smidge of blue food coloring and add freshly cut white flowers to give them that moody hue.
Do you have any events planned for the rest of the month?  We've been having dinner parties like it's our job recently (love it!), and even just having one other person here for a meal is such a fun excuse to test out new recipes and decorating ideas.  Wish I could have you all over sometime!!! :)

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